Administrative & Commercial


  1. Administrative – commercial building “RENAULT & DACIA“, UPI III – 1368 quarter. 4A, m. “Vartopo Park” in the town. Sofia, build a cable line MV 1h800 new substations and cable line nn “;
  2. Construction of power. 20KV power transformer ,, Administrative and service building with underground garage UPI IX-820, kv.14, M.Vitosha-HPP Simeonovo downtown area, “area-1961 sq.m .;
  3. The public administration and commercial building in UPI II, sq. 25 m. The breakthrough bul. Pencho Slaveykov, c. Sofia “, construction of external and internal electrical installations;
  4. Multipurpose shopping center, entertainment and office complex with underground parking “RLE I-691,716,708,707 quarter. 194-a, m.” Tsar Boris III – part 2 “rn” Sheep Fonts “in the town. Sofia, building exterior and internal electrical installations;
  5. Administrative and warehouse building Medicines “, Sofia, kv.” Hostile “street.” Yapadzha “construction of external and internal electrical installations;
  6. Shopping center Paradise, located in Building I-523, 524, 133, 2293, 1907, located in the town. Sofia, bul. Cherni Peak № 60, the “Dragalevska Stop” in the quarter. 9, building internal electrical installations;
  7. Administrative employees building, commercial and entertainment center “Nadejda Market” and underground garages, located on the boulevard. “Lom road” Building I, kv.24, Hope area, construction of external and internal electrical installations;
  8. Commercial complex “Sofia South Ring Mall” Building II-908.927, kv.1, rn “Vitosha” – Sofia, building fire alarm system.