Infrastructure buildings


  1. Displacement of cable assemblies and cable lines HH from UPI V, district 233 plan of Sofia, m. Momkova neighborhood, district Nadejda;
  2. Construction of street lighting on the street. “Kableshkov” Str. “Emilian Stanev” Boulevard. “Cherni Vrah” in the town. Sofia “;
  3. Reconstruction and modernization of the street lighting system in the “Municipality Zemen”, Engineering cascade joining TG 8 new anti-pressure turbine TG 8A” TPP “Sofia” Part L – Delivery and installation of cable routes, laying and connection of cables; installation of electrical equipment (switchgears);
  4. External power supply – new MKTP 800KVA / 20 / 0,4KV a 630KVA transformer and cable line NRF 20 KV, an item ,, production – logistic center “, located in Building III-342,367, kv.16 M. NPZ ,, Iskar-North-I Part, area ,, Iskar “in the town. Sofia;
  5. Construction of sections of neighboring site grid 20 KV, with tearing and connect to an existing cable line and 20 KV power substation engineering in PI 000273, village of. Gurmazovo municipality. Bojurishte;
  6. Object: ,, Gipsootval disposal of FGD gypsum TPP “Maritza Iztok 2” PS-1 “external power. Power 6kV of promploshtadkata and PS-cable route
  7. Construction of street and park lighting, city. Velingrad;
  8. External pressure channel pump shaft / psh / channel and pumping facility / PSC / gravity drainage and site domestic wastewater, drank 000273, village of. Gurmazovo common Bojurishte “
  9. Cement mill №9, p. Golden Panega, construction of roads, sidewalks and retaining walls.