Public buildings


  1. Apartment Hotel in Building IV – “For KOO and parking” sq. 71 area “Student Town”, “Student” district, Sofia “Construction and electrical work on projects involving architecture, construction, electrical and finishing jobs, area: 12,910 sq. m .;
  2. Showroom, shops and offices, UPI XLVII-1 sq. 14 m. Malinova Dolina – I, Sofia, external power supply and transformer projects completion;
  3. Muzeyko – Children’s Research Center America for Bulgaria (science and educational children’s entertainment center and maintenance facilities) in PI № 2969, kv.85, m. “Studentski grad”, Sofia, internal electrical installations;
  4. A group of movable commercial facilities and shaping the adjoining space – pazar Tolstoy “Building I, ”Nadezhda “, Sofia, building wiring, including power, lighting, grounding, electrical panels;
  5. Reconstruction of hotel “Pliska” office building “CCB” AD UPI II, sq. 163 m. Geo Milev – Poduene, Slatina, Sofija, domestic electrical building installations, total: 9000 m;
  6. Commercial complex “Mega Mall Sofia” m.Lyulin, Sofia, building wiring, power and lighting;
  7. Reconstruction of existing buildings on “Tsar Boris III” Boulevard №54 for the needs of SRS, building wiring, including power, lighting, electrical panels;
  8. Hotel and office complex, plot II-150,151, Slatina, Sofia, building wiring; public service building with underground parking, UPI-I – 1737,1445,1962,140, sq.m, “Krastova vada”, building internal wiring;
  9. Repair works on the National Palace of Children (NPC); 10.    Repair works on large and small gymnasium and adjacent buildings to 78th school “Hristo Smirnenski”, Bankya.