Subscription service

Subscription service and maintenance of substation:

  1. TAO building, ul. T. Aleksandrov 109-115 town. Sofia
  2. Litex Tower building, city. Sofia;
  3. Ground kiosk for hotel and office complex plot II – 150,151, kv.3-a, m. “Slatina – North” town. Sofia;
  4. Showroom, shops and offices, UPI XLVII-1 sq. 14 m. Malinova Dolina – part;
  5. Administrative and commercial building “RENAULT & DACIA”, UPI III-1368, kv.4, m. “Vartopo Park” in the town. Sofia;
  6. Production and logistics center “to” EMA “Ltd. in Busmantsi, district Iskar town. Sofia;
  7. Complete transformer post with. Malinova Dolina;
  8. CTP and cable lines MV and LV – existing and newly built in. Gurmazovo;
  9. Subscription service and maintenance of street lighting and activities for prevention of cable lines poles and fixtures
    Building of Viridian Ofisis, Sofia, Kazbek №63;
  10. Workshop for production of crude oil – town. Kostinbrod;
  11. Office complex with a supermarket and shops – II-nd part, located in Building II, Q. 25, m. “Break bul. Pencho Slaveykov, c. Sofia.