Access control

Access control is a system built primarily in office buildings and offices. Enables controlling access of individual groups of people for security, working conditions and dropping the need to carry obsolete metal keys.

In our quest to build the high-tech house we can not ignore yet another part of the system – Access Control. In principle, this system should work together with the security system, but it is also possible to build it as a separate one. What includes such a system in our Smart Home or Office: intercom system (gaining popularity and video intercom systems), managing access to specific premises through individual locators (can be magnetic cards, fingerprint readers, etc.), automate entry garage or parking garages, guarding against unauthorized arms transfers (metal detectors), etc.

More and more companies, especially in large business centers, restrict access to rented accommodation to certain people, which undoubtedly helps in the security and quiet of the workplace. For example, a customer’s access to a particular office is done with a magnetic card in which the janitor records the area the customer has access to. Thanks to metal detectors at the entrance of the building, unscrupulous visitors are restricted and isolated in a guarded area.

As a small access control system, we can also look at the audio-video intercom system of residential buildings. In case of contact with the visitor (audio and / or video), the owner allows access. This has undoubtedly proven its effectiveness, especially when there is a video camera in the intercom, because it is also possible to recognize the false courier.
Enjoyable on cold days is the access control system using common underground garages as a retractable owner raises the barrier or garage door from the vehicle without getting out of it.

As a company wishing to build office and housing automation, we offer a complete set of devices to meet the goals of access control. The rich product range is in the benefit of our customers, and we are ready to offer the smallest solution for everyone, tailored to the specific environment and conditions.