Through video surveillance you will make your security system reliable and functional.

Surveillance is a major part of the construction of modern buildings. Through CCTV cameras, continuous control and security can be provided to ensure our peace of mind. Surveillance is an extremely important part of building the Smart House, so designing and building it needs to be done professionally.

Undeniable fact is that building such systems reduces crime at times, increases labor productivity and increases the security of the monitored objects. There is sufficient evidence in the media about the effectiveness of a video surveillance system. It is not by chance that all major industrial and commercial sites are designed or built with such CCTV systems.

The design of the CCTV system does not only involve the installation of cameras and recorders. The well-designed and built-in system requires a good team of designers and technicians to develop the capabilities of the system. Well-selected elements of the system will result in optimal cost and opportunities. Whether the recording device is a PCB or VCR decides the customer, providing both remote monitoring and administration over the Internet.

A new IP camera series fills in the niche of cheap video surveillance systems, consisting of several cameras for stores, offices, and even “baby monitors.” IP cameras have WiFi router capability, which relieves the owner of annoying cable routing. Only a power outlet is needed and you can watch the camera live even from another continent.