Warning system


CSS must allow for intelligible information to be provided on the measures to be taken to protect human life in predefined areas!

(a) In the event of an emergency, the system shall immediately disable all functions not related to its emergency;

(b) The system must be capable of transmitting a beeper at no later than 3 seconds after it has been switched to emergency – manually by the operator or automatically upon receipt of a fire alarm signal simultaneously to one or more zones

(c) By means of a monitoring system, built-in monitoring, the system operator must be able at all times to receive a signal of the proper or malfunction of the essential parts;

d) The failure of an amplifier or loudspeaker line must not cause complete loss of coverage in the area served by these loudspeakers:

(e) The audible alert signal shall precede the first message of 4 to 10 seconds. The following signals and messages shall be continued until their change according to the evacuation plan or manual discontinuation by the operator.

f) Provide a back-up power supply.